Christmas Eve at gulf coast

Monday  December 24    5PM & 7PM

Christmas is full of secrets! Maybe one time you kept the perfect secret and you were able to pull off the most epic surprise gift for someone you loved! On the first Christmas day, God could no longer contain his secret and He gave the world the best gift ever. 

The secret was so good that it fooled a King, it shocked some country shepherds, and it brought the heavens to a stand still. It was so interesting that there were wise men who traveled hundreds miles to get a glimpse of the Christmas gift. It didn’t take long until the secret was out! Here we are, 2,000 years later…and the secret is still changing lives!

Join us this Christmas Eve, December 24th at 5PM and 7PM for a fun, family-friendly service as we celebrate God’s greatest gift - Jesus. At 6pm, refreshments will be served in the lobby for all of our families to enjoy. 

We can’t wait to see you here! We’re ready for you!